Cabo Electrical Services By Russell
Principal Ports:   Cabo San Lucas - San Josť del Cabo,  Baja California Sur,  Mexico
... and wherever you need me in the rest of the world as well

Local Cellular Phone  044 (624) 122-2393
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United States Phone:  (602) 218-5163

Russell Klaesson, Proprietor




Specializing In Marine :

- Design
- Installations
- Repairs
- Surveys
- Applications

Complete electrical and electronic equipment services


Marine Electronics

Today's ships electronics use complicated networks that must perform many integrative functions.  Modern yachts literally require miles of wiring to operate not just lights but appliances, navigational equipment, entertainment systems and security.  In addition to networked equipment, manufacturers are turning to digital wireless connectivity for their advanced devices.  Improperly installed marine equipment can easily cause interference and systems failure for these newer technologies.  We have learned how to make electronic networks talk to each other without a multitude of complications. 

Domestic Electronics

There are many times that something electrical will frustrate the homeowner, especially those systems that involve the interaction of motors, pumps, generators and engines.  Careful handling and use of these pieces of equipment is often not enough to prevent wear and failure due to our environmental conditions here, as well as the inherent vibrations of normal use.  We can repair or replace needed equipment, allowing for life to go back to a normal state.

Standard Hourly Rate is $75usd
Travel is billed at $37.50usd per hour plus cost of transportation.


Mailing, Billing and Deliveries Address:
Cabo S.E.R.
30358 Highway 78
P.O. Box 184
Santa Ysabel, California   92070
Telephone:  (602) 218-5163